Our INTELLIGENCE centre brings together a broad range of services from collecting shopper insights, via our unique methodologies inspired by the latest neuroscience, to running creative and strategic workshops.

At clients’ request, we also organise training programmes and made-to-measure retail tours, as well as analyses designed to validate the conditions of success for a project.

Key to everything we do is our working alongside you, so as to ensure total understanding of the insights collected and the implementation of concrete actions.



Some of


our services


• Collection of shopper insights

• Analysis of potential, business potential analysis

• Business & marketing optimisation

• Made-to-measure retail tours

• Audit

• Team training & insight integration

• Strategic positioning workshops

• Support for achieving the short-, medium- and long-term business vision

•  …

Our unique, tried and tested methodology: SAI

(Shopper Attitude Integration)


Our years of research into how shoppers behave and think have enabled us to develop the SAI methodology to collect insights. It is this that has contributed to building the Carré Associates name over the past 30 years. SAI enables us to deep delve into understanding a shopper’s behaviour and expectations…

Neuroscience research has shown that over 95% of purchasing decisions are taken subconsciously because they are driven by the limbic system and the reptilian complex of the brain.

The Carré Associates methodology enables us to develop and implement powerful levers and help clients to steer their business, select opportunities and significantly increase their turnover.

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